Managing emails for punycode domains

When creating a new email account, what should I write in the “Email” input for a punycode domain?

Should I use UTF8 symbols as is, or rather use the domains’ punycode counterpart?

For example, мойвебсайт.com vs

Emails must be ASCII only. I would just try it, worst case it wont work.

The domain part of the email address can be entered with Unicode characters.

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Maybe a hint to add in the “new email” form, for those who’ll be managing emails with punycode domains? Should I create a UX improvement request in github, or here is okay as well?

Just wanted to post an update.

Thanks for your comment:

So I did so, used UTF8 symbols in the domain part, and it worked.

After configuring DNS (not hosted by MIAB), and sending a test email to, I got 10/10 points:

Praise! Looks wonderful so far.

A pull request on github would be great, thanks.

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