Make it harder to necro?

Is there a way to make it harder to necro topics?

I understand it is worthwhile in many cases to revive dead topics, but too often users are posting issues in old topics that only have a title key word in common with their own issue.

Maybe just some extra warnings for users when they are posting to an old topic?

I’ve lowered the warning threshold to 2 weeks. Topics should also be automatically closing if I have set the settings correctly.

@Alento and I had an offline discussion about other options, such as rewording the message shown when someone posts to an old topic.

Currently this is displayed in the preview pane:

Revive this topic?

The last reply to this topic was over 1 year ago. Your reply will bump the topic to the top of its list and notify anyone previously involved in the conversation.

Are you sure you want to continue this old conversation?

I was thinking just this morning maybe reword this message to be a little more specific and make it one of the message types that is displayed over the text pane (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those on Discourse).

Okay, so a quick search and I discovered there is an admin tool in Discourse to move a post to a new topic:

Select the wrench icon at the bottom or top of a topic
Click Select Posts
Click select on the posts desired to move
Fill out desired options in dialog box for creating a new post