Maintenance guide : testing backups

Hi there !

I never had to use the backups with my previous versions of MiaB (the ones working with Ubuntu 18.04). Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04, I decided (and had) to test how to restore them.

The maintenance guide is helpful (, but I think it could me more precise even if I did not double-checked. From my own experience, I guess that the section “Create a new box” could be something like following :

Then follow the steps in the setup guide’s section Setting Up The Box. When you are prompted for the box’s hostname, you will need to use the hostname that you are currently using. When creating the user, choose one which had admin privileges and set up the same password.

Actually, I just tested with a new (non-existing) user : I tried neither a user without (former) admin privileges, nor a user with (former) admin privileges but with another password.

From what I understand the user you create on your new machine gets overwritten on backup restoration anyway, so it shouldn’t really matter.

Should this be the case, I wouldn’t have made a post :slight_smile:. Actually :

  • The new user is not overwritten
  • The restoration does not take place - former users are not recognized.

Moreover, I suspect that other users with admin privileges :

  • Appear as such after the back-up : one can log in with such user under box.domain.tld/admin/
  • Are not recognised as admin in “a” database : I had a serious bug after one “other” admin tried to renew a password for a non-admin user.
    But I did not try to investigate further…

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