Mails goes to directly to SPAM gmail


I read the multiple threads regardings the mails going to the spams of popular providers (gmail,…) but can not find any relevant solution.

I have currently 3 domains using mail-in-a-box :

and it seems that everything is going straight into the spams folder of gmail,
i have checked the multiple tools which were shared in the other threads, and the emails don’t seems to have any visible problems, also in the admin/system status of mail-in-a-box all seems to be correct.

I’m managing the DNS records with digitalocean, and i copied the information that mail-in-a-box is providing in the advanced configuration page of DNS records.

I also validated the mails in the postmaster tool of google and all 3 domains are in valid state.

I heard that I might have to wait a bit for those mails to be recognized but the 2 first domains are more than 1 year old.

Do you have any hints of where i could look for more possible solution ?
Thanks in advance,


I’m re-creating a new server with mail-in-a-box and hopefully it will work after the update of DNS as the IP will be new, i’ll keep you in touch

Even when your domain is new, IP is new and unblacklisted, there’s still high chances that gmail will filter your email to Spam.

Gmail needs to build reputation (e.g. u send to your friends and family and ask them to check the spam folder and click on “not spam”), and when you test emails make sure you open and read them (best if you even reply them.)

When emails goes to Gmail, and majority of the emails are not read or replied, they will eventually treat it as spam.

I don’t think MailInAbox can guarantee delivery to gmail normal mailbox.

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I see, thanks for your answer.

If Mail-in-a-box mails are being pushed to the spam folder of Gmail, I do wonder why people are still using it as Gmail is the main mail provider?

this is not a mailinabox issue, it’s a gmail issue. As with any mail servers you set up, regardless whether it’s mailinabox or you install postfix from stretch, you have to spend some effort building up reps, or getting your IP unblock with some providers (e.g. hotmail, livemail, yahoo). You wouldn’t have problems with typical business mail servers hosting personal/business domains.

It’s not difficult to build reputation. As long as you send legitimate emails, you will eventually build up enough reputation on your domain and IP and your emails will stop going to the spam folder.

Remember… don’t change your IP once you start your box else you gonna do it all over again.


I agree with daveteu that this is a gmail/{other_big_mail_providers} issue. Gmail is the worst offender of the bunch when it comes to spam filters as you are left in the dark unless you send a certain volume of mail to them.

Their behaviour has been discussed at length in various places over the years, including this forum. Funny enough, after a post about this [0] gained a lot of traction on HackerNews [1], it got somewhat better for me and my mail started reaching inboxes. Probably a coincidence and a combination of domain age / reputation, you can’t possibly tell.

If you are not blacklisted on popular lists (a Spamhaus check is available in the admin panel), your reputation with providers will improve over time with domain age and IP reputation. Some mail providers (Hotmail/MS) have decent postmaster tools as well.



The worst part is that they (,, etc.) often spam me!
They’d be better off chasing their own spammers than holding everyone else guilty. No ?

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One would think so!!!

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