Mails are not received

I am using mail in a box server.suddenly mails are not received but only self mails are received.Mails from gmail,yahoo other domains are not received what is the problem can any one help me

Do you mean that emails sent from MiaB to Yahoo are not received?

not that one ,mail sent from gmail to maib is not received

Have you checked /var/mail/mail.log to see what happens when Yahoo connects to MiaB?

When you log into the dashboard, does MiaB report any problems in Status Checks?

No,i have installed mail in a box in amazon ec2 instance.Today iam trying to open ec2 instance using Mobaxterm it is not opening.It shows an error “No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)”

There are many threads on problems using AWS. Here is a recent one:

mail in a box is working on aws or not .may i want change to another webmail server?

You want to use a different VPS provider? Yes, though if you have emails you want to migrate from your current installation you will need to follow the guide.

There are several possible reasons for this … from incorrect name servers set, to ports being blocked by your VPS provider.

What is “Mobaxterm” ? The error that you quote appears to be an SSH error when you are failing to supply a publickey when password login is disabled.

Your comment cannot really be understood. So let me TRY to guess at what you are saying and answer.

Mail-in-a-Box DOES work on AWS however they are a VERY difficult provider to use. I strongly suggest NOT using AWS unless you have YEARS of experience with both system administration and AWS. There are much better, simpler, less expensive providers to work with.

Are you meaning VPS provider? If so, then I would recommend that you do (see my last comment).
If you mean mail server … Mail-in-a-Box is the simplest project out there to use to set up your own mail server, so I would recommend using it.

I suspect that you have not gotten MiaB set up to function properly. May I suggest that you visit the Slack channel where I can help you get things functioning?

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