Mailinabox Support for Full Text Search, Getmail, and CalDav?

i was wondering about mail-in-a-box and its user-friendliness.
particularly with caldav, getmail(migrating mails from gmail), and having full-text-search on webmail clients.
how easy are these processes with mailinabox?
could you advise?


It exists. You’d have to be the judge about its user-friendliness.

migrating mails from gmail

No specific support for that.

full-text-search on webmail clients

Does not exist (but folks are looking into it).


Just migrated from gmail using larch, It worked like a charm and you don’t have to touch your box, just install it on your machine and run it. Just took some time (6-7 hours) migrating over 30k mail.

We also migrated from Gmail and a simple imap to imap worked well.

Hi Casper,
Apologies for the tardiness in replying.
How is the full-text-search(ie. body search) after you migrate from Gmail.
For example: when you use the Roundcube Client search the Inbox for a specific text in the email body, how long does it take to give a result?
Just looking for an approximate figure.

Hey dazuaz,
I have close to 30k email too and I need to migrate them. I am only worried performing full-text-search (ie. searching the body) using a web client. Could you roughly estimate how long it takes perform a search of inbox ?
Appreciate it.


for the From and Subject is quite fast, for the entire message option, it takes around 15 seconds to 30 seconds in the All Mail with 21696 items.

Using Roundbox from miab stack on a VPS of 1gb ram and 1x2198 MHz

15 seconds is ok. not so bad. i imagine with dovecot full text search the time would be much lower. its worth trying to get it.
i am most likely going to try mailinabox tomorrow.

oh 1 more thing, having a demo would be a nice addon for the project.

Normall I search from Thunderbird, but the RoundCube search is fairly quick. I have a few gigs worth of emails and when I search all mail it happens within a few seconds.