Mailinabox setup


try to setup a server in cloud with several clients. everything goes well with the email clients from laptops/computers and mobile devices (tablets and phones), but we have also in our office 2 printers that need scan end email and we can’t figure out how to setup them. can you help me with some info?

on the printers we see smtp error message

on the server we get "postfix/smtpd connect from unknown [ our IP from the office]

how can we do to our server to recognize this IP as “friendly”?

thx and regards

What is the exact message?

Again, the exact message please from the logs. You can PM me with it if you wish for privacy.

I have dealt with this in the past and the issue may well be the printer itself. The printers were not communicating properly with the mail servers. Mail-in-a-Box adheres to the latest security standards, while some printer manufacturers are behind the times. So, let’s see if it is something MiaB related and then you can contact the printer manufacturer once we rule out MiaB.

ok, what’s your idea, what i need to check, as everything else goes well?

Well, a good place to start would be with answers to the questions I asked in my original response. :slight_smile:

tried to add, but got 502 bad gateway…

Feb 8 21:19:05 box postfix/smtpd[1802]: warning: hostname does not resolve to address X.X.X.X : Name or service not known
Feb 8 21:19:05 box postfix/smtpd[1802]: connect from unknown[X.X.X.X]
Feb 8 21:19:05 box postfix/smtpd[1802]: lost connection after CONNECT from unknown[X.X.X.X]
Feb 8 21:19:05 box postfix/smtpd[1802]: disconnect from unknown[X.X.X.X] commands=0/0

where X.X.X.X is our public IP from the office. our server is in the datacenter with ip Y.Y.Y.Y and hostname

for security reason i’ve changed the names and IP’s is the name given by our internet provider

I offered you to send sensitive data by PM. Additionally we can actually do much better with a live chat on Slack, however I cannot really help you if you cannot give real information for ‘security reasons’.

I suggest that you attempt all port and SSL combinations offered by the printer. The ports to try are 25 and 587. You likely are going to need to set the log settings to debug to get enough information.

What is the specific model of the printer?

xerox6027 multifunctional

@klinutzu Have you tried all the different port ssl combinations?