Mailinabox setup for website hosted at home and IP handled by

I have a vps that is hosting my mailinabox for more than 6-7 years without any issue whatsoever. On my latest project I want to host my domain name website on a Proxmox server at home, which has a dynamic IP and it’s handled by So, my domain name registrar is pointing to mailinabox, and mailinabox should redirect to which will resolve the IP to my home dynamic IP. How do I do that? Dynu is expecting to see something like How I’ll handle this with the mailinabox?

I am completely unfamiliar with That said however most of the dynamic DNS services use a CNAME record pointed at the hostname that they assign you. Assuming that this is the case, you can add a CNAME entry on the ‘Custom DNS’ page in the admin area.

Yes, my suspicions are correct as indicated here:

But be VERY careful as they want to offer you full DNS services and do a good job of hiding that fact. From what you have said you ONLY want to use their dDNS service.

This is relevant to what you want:

However this is not:
Unless you wish to use their DNS as ‘External DNS’ for your MiaB.

My recommendation is to use a good domain registrar, such as Namecheap, where they include DDNS free with domain registration and aren’t playing any games with you.

The history of DDNS providers is a dirty one, but possibly a little cleaner nowadays.

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