Mailinabox on Ubuntu docker over RHEL

We are attempting to setup MIAB, however we have a few hard requirements.

We must run it on a RHEL server
We want to run it within an Ubuntu container on the RHEL server, as it seems Ubuntu is a hard requirement.

Has anyone done anything similar to this, and does anyone have any recommendations?

Step 10/16 : ADD containers/docker/apt_package_list.txt /tmp/mailinabox_apt_package_list.txt
ADD failed: stat /mnt/docker-data/tmp/docker-builder597247929/containers/docker/apt_package_list.txt: no such file or directory

Install packages needed by Mail-in-a-Box.

ADD containers/docker/apt_package_list.txt /tmp/mailinabox_apt_package_list.txt
RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y $(cat /tmp/mailinabox_apt_package_list.txt)

I would presume this would be in the docker image, however it seems on build and run, it can’t locate this file.

Git cloned the docker setup/ script:
[root@shsmail mailinabox]# setup/
setup/ line 11: lsb_release: command not found
Mail-in-a-Box only supports being installed on Ubuntu 14.04, sorry. You are running:

setup/ line 14: lsb_release: command not found

We can’t write scripts that run on every possible setup, sorry.

Mail-In-A-Box also has a hard requirement. It must be installed on a clean Ubuntu 14.04 server dedicated entirely to MiaB. I’m afraid your hard requirements are incompatible with this project.

Maybe mailcow would be better suited to meet your hard requirements.

Thank you for your input. Do you think Mailcow offers the same security as Mailinabox?

To be quite honest, I am not overly familiar with Mailcow. It had been recommended to me by a highly regarded member here @murgero. Perhaps, he will weigh in to address this question for you.

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As far as security goes, Mailcow and MailInABox use similar if not the same encryption methods for mail transfer, if that is what is being asked here?

Mailcow also runs in docker - on virtually any docker compatible system.

Mail-in-a-Box should work fine inside Vagrant (we provide a Vagrantfile) on RHEL. But you would have to be sure to get the port mappings right. And I’m not sure about running a DNS server inside Vagrant… that seems like it could have issues.

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Thank you so much for the input Murgero, I think I might experiment with setting it up mailcow as an alternative today if it offers some of the same security.

@joshdata ; i was thinking about trying mailinabox inside vagrant, if the client insists we must go with that.

I believe their biggest concern is that we are using something quite secure, but when it comes down to it mailcow should be sufficient, and we’ve hardened the server quite significantly.

I may be back with more questions as I experiment today. You guys have been so absolutely helpful! Thank you again!

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