My goal is to edit this file so it only contains the automatic setup for mail (not contacts or calendar).

I have tested editing this and can easily make the change but need a little bit of help.
I cant find the file location in the file system…

Is it autogenerated? Any Advice would be great. I love the feature but want to remove a few options to make is simpler for some of my family…

Found it!

Directory is:

File is:

I would highly recommend making a backup and testing this first. (Use your mac to edit and confirm it works).
You will need to use su to replace the file contents.

So. I celebrated too early.

Still looking but even with a reboot, it serves the original file. I am guessing that at some point it must run a script to convert ios-profile.xml to the mailinabox.mobileconfig

Anyone have any ideas?

Just edit the mailinabox.mobileconfig you downloaded in a text editor and then publish it on your website. You can publish it by going to /home/user-data/www/default/ and it would be served at domain.tld/mailinabox.mailconfig

Also, This is an unsupported modification.

Thanks for the input. I ended up making a new file with touch and then editing in the results I needed.

I did need to change the name as using the default name results in the default file being served.
eg something else.mobileconfig

Ah alright glad you got it fixed.

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