Mailinabox higher frequency backup

Firstly, thankyou to Josh and the other contributors for building and maintaining mailinabox.

Has anyone set up any sort of higher frequency backup for mailinabox? I understand that the default daily backup is a reasonable tradeoff for keeping things simple, but the possibility for losing a day of mail seems like a long period.

I’m looking for:

  • consistent backup
  • small window of mail loss is ok (minutes…? an hour?)
  • NOT high availability, some downtime to switch to a backup VM is ok
  • relatively simple tweak, so not clustered filesystems or similar
  • could be unrelated to the builtin daily duplicity backup

I use lsyncd (inotify+rsync) for keeping files sync’d, but I don’t know enough about the workings of the mailserver to think this would provide a consistent backup. Would I need to pause the postfix and other services and schedule rsync instead?

Alternatively I could do something with the VM itself - I use kvm/qemu so regular live backups or snapshots could be an option.

If anyone has done something similar I would be interested to hear what works/does not work well.

Many thanks

I’ve never done anything with it, but I think this tool or similar is what you may be looking for. It might not even conflict with current MiaB configurations.


The simplest and hackiest way you can do this is by creating a new cronjob - let’s say, /etc/cron.d/mailinabox-backups:

The following example will run the backup script every 2 hours:

0 */2 * * *	root	(cd $(pwd) && management/ 2>&1 | management/ "Backup Status")

You can toy with the timings here.

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Thanks for the replies

Perhaps simply increasing the builtin frequency is enough, as per what @davness suggests. I’ll do some testing on what full/incremental setup works for my use case, maybe full weekly and 2hourly incremental

Many thanks