Mailinabox - DO droplet backup installed on a new droplet show the old domain on the mailer-daemon

I recently installed a complete backup (snapshot) of Digital Ocean droplet image to a new MIAB and everything is working just fine. I even installed virtualmin/webmin and modified conf’s and everything works great. Mail received, sent. MIAB is very clear and easy to administer. thanks!

when i sent to my icloud email, the mail bounced. It might be due to the Reverse DNS or something else. but the mailer-daemon is still showing the from address as mailer-daemon@old_domain.tld .
Does this cause any error in mail operations?

This is my first topic and I may be a bit naive to ask (rather than to figure it out).

When you restored the backup on the new droplet, did you rerun sudo mailinabox? You need to so that things like the IP address, hostname, etc are reset.

As for the rDNS, with DO it is the droplet name always, so have you renamed that droplet to match the hostname of the box?

the droplet is configured alright, dns lookup and rdns are all seems to be okay.
but icloud emails are unable to deliver and the returned to sender mail still has the from address MAILER-DAEMON@olddomain.tld

its, in case you want to run some checks on the dns/rdns

Hi @cosmoarunn

Please SSH into the server and run this command and show the output.

grep myhostname /etc/postfix/

that helped, and I did a little dig on it. now it looks good, sending and receiving works. Thanks alento!

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