Mailcow vs MIAB which runs better on 512mb?

it might not be the best place to ask, but i’m asking anyway. :slight_smile:

I just wants a simple mailbox in a 512mb (i don’t mind adding a 4gb swap)
there will be total of 5 external domains with 7-8 users.

That should work fine. My 1gb Linode handles it perfectly with little to zero swapping. I would say get a vps that can be expanded. It’s not the core suite per se that is the heavy part, it’s the spam and av filtering that will gobble ram like Pac-Man. That issue grows as the volume of messages grows.

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Thanks… I just bought a domain for my mail server… will be setup MIAB in next few days. :slight_smile:
BTW, do you know how to know if a IP has blacklisted?

Just checking the various blacklists. Certain providers are worse than others. Linode and Amazon, to name two I deal with alot, both are very anal about monitoring abuse and will shut things down, so theirs tend to not get on the list, and if they do, it’s not hard to get them off.

I would say go with a reputable vps, don’t do shady things, and keep up with the server maintenance, and you should be fine. If the IP given is listed contact each list and ask for removal. Takes a few days tops to get removed from the slowest, to instantly for the quickies. has a nice blacklist checker.

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I was had around one year a VPS with 512MB of RAM and 256MB of SWAP when the MIAB only runs with 768MB (I commented the line that check the RAM). The MIAB was runs well but I have only 3 domains with 4 users with very very low traffic. We add also PHPsysinfo and no more and the RAM is always near full and SWAP near full. It runs and not fail, but better with 768MB or more. Now I have 1GB with 512Mb of SWAP and normally has at half on two.

I use this VPS provider Has a cheap plans if you pay every two years. I Think Linode or DigitalOceand are better providers, but this have price/service very good and in four years that I have two VPS runs good (now I have 3). The 1GB plan is cheap to run MIAB and this is the I use it. that put schotty is good. I add other two that also I use and