Mailbox and alias the same: won't work

I have a mail box:

I want mail coming to aaa to ALSO go to and saved in the aaa box.

I sent up an alias of ----->

I sent mail to aaa and it got to bbb but was not also put in the aaa mailbox.

Only the alias worked.

There must be a way for this to work… so that multiple people can get mail sent to as well as the owner of the aaa mail box?


Hey ANC! I figured this out last week.

In on order for the mailbox to receive the mail as well, the mailbox ITSELF has to be added to the alias recipients.

On inbound mail the aliasing is processed before any actual mailbox delivery (thereby allowing for “forwarding” aliases with no local box).

hope this is helpful!

That makes a lot of sense. I should have done some thinking out of the box. I figured that aliasing would be processed first, but assumed (always a dangerous thing!) that if there was also a real mailbox for the address that the system would look for it and the incoming file would get stored there instead of going wherever it goes (deleted) if no mail box is available. It would be a good idea for your explanation to be on the Admin Alias screen.


I tried this and it worked. I have a mailbox of I set up an alias with pointing to both itself ( and

It is not intuitive to do this.

Maybe the processing can be changed so that the logic goes like this:

Is mail received?

Yes, the put it in the box.

Is there a forward that is connected to this address?

Yes, send a copy out to wherever it is to go.

The idea of having a alias of an existing mailbox point to itself is not logical, but it does work in this instance.