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I have an external mailarchive running for one domain. So incoming, outgoing and internal mails should be archived. For internal mails i need to forward to a global journalling-address. Their advice is to use procmail. But this seems to bei unsupported - also i couldn’t get it up running. how can this be done?
Outgoing mails für this particular domain must go through the archive, too - can i use postfix “transport_maps”? How can i prevent being overwritten? Thank you?

Procmail is an obsolete MDA that has not been updated since 2001. So whoever is advising you to use Procmail is at least 20 years behind the times. That said it is still used and available so it seems.

Postfix is the MTA that is utilized by MiaB. It is not a MDA. Dovecot includes a MDA but it is a IMAP/POP3 server.

There is this article which discusses setting this up for a specific vendor of mail journaling, so maybe it can offer some insight.

I do not believe that is normally overwritten with new versions of MiaB, but would suggest that you keep a backup of it in case it is.

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Thank you. Funny, i’m using Solarwinds as archiving solution. So i’ll try the other option… with local journaling address. procmail version looked a bit easier. :wink:

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