.mail-tester.com 6.6 Value out of 10

I’m testing my email score at. www.mail-tester.com
it giving me 6.6 out of 10.
i have attached screenshot belower ,

I also have set DKIM perfectly but it’s also not authenticating it here.

valuable help on it required :slight_smile:

The test message you sent appeared to be spam … thus the ding for pyzor.

You cannot send an empty message and expect to get a normal response.

Additionally, your emails are not being sent from your MiaB but rather through a relay. Your relay seemingly is stripping your DKIM …

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Thanks, I have did a complete message and the Pyzor error get fixed.

Now Just DKIM issue left I already have valid DKIM. (I have validated DKIM from Multiple Websites everyone is saying it’s Valid. However when I send email to any Gmail account it don’t show DKIM also it’s don’t Show text “Signed By”

Because, as I have already mentioned, Godaddy is stripping the DKIM out when you relay through them.
Your DKIM record may appear to be valid when a test is done as the test checks DNS, but if the record is not sent with the email, then the DKIM will fail, which is what appears to be the case here.

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