Mail storage on mountet S3?


I run server for a small company. Even small company produces high amounts of messages wich we need to store for 5 years (legal stuff). It get’s very large in terms of HDD storage space.

I’m wondering is it possible to keep all the messages on S3-like object storage mounted to local filesystem using:

They say:

Be aware that SVFS doesn’t transform object storage to block storage.

SVFS doesn’t support :

Opening files in other modes than O_CREAT, O_RDONLY and O_WRONLY.
Moving directories.
Renaming containers.
SLO (but supports DLO).
Per-file uid/gid/permissions (but per-mountpoint).
Symlink targets across containers (but within the same container).

Does Mail-in-a-box require modes other than O_CREAT, O_RDONLY and O_WRONLY? Will it work?

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Maybe there is another solution. Postfix has the possibility to send a bcc_mail for every mail, passing trough postfix.

I found someone who wrote a documentation page about it:

Keep in mind that after every update of MIB, the original configuration for MIB is restored. Extra stuff will be removed.

My approach would be: setup an extra server, with only one mail account and enough diskspace for one year. With a little scripting, it should be possible to automatically create year folders within that mail account.

I don’t know wich provider you have in mind, but in Europe, the provider TransIp ( offers cheap large storage options as addition on a vps. Just take the smallest VPS and a lot of storage and you have your backup system (and also completely remote).