Mail rules & sorting on the server

Is there any way I can set sorting rules for incoming mail on the server itself?

I have a few different email clients I use at different times, and it would be great if I could filter emails into folders as they come into the server so regardless of the software I’m using, they’re already sorted.

The filters in Roundcube are applied to the logged in account even when not logged in. (It uses the sieve rules in dovecot.)

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As @openletter says, just log in via the webmail interface (Roundcube) and set up whatever rules you want there. They will be applied on the server and you will see that reflected in your IMAP clients.

I have several filtering, sorting and forwarding rules set up which work perfectly for me.

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Thank you!! That’s perfect.

In some ways I feel like I’ve asked a silly question- but maybe it will help someone else in the future and save them looking foolish.


It isn’t obvious - I asked the same question at some point.

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