Mail marked as spam (Icloud and Gmail)

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I run websites on one digitalocean droplet and MIAB for these websites on another. However, my email is being marked as spam by icloud & Gmail services. It does not arrive for icloud, and ends up in spam for gmail. I’ve checked the IP im using (which is a digitalocean droplet) on mx toolbox, which shows a UCEPROTECT LVL 3 blacklist. The system status page of MIAB shows no errors and everything is updated. Mail tester showed a 10/10 score. However this is cleary not the case…

I was wondering if there is any way to fix this?

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iCloud is Proofpoint. Check your IP on their site and then request it to be unblocked if it is.

Gmail is gmail, and it is what it is. Time usually heals all, so in a month or two your emails will start going to the inbox. If you cannot wait then you need a smtp relay. I have created one for MiaB users:

Actually, it is the case. The two providers in question do not play nicely with others. They want to play only by their rules, not the rules in play for everyone else.

Note the following from the “Source” section of the report:

This means that the test does not include the Spamassassin URI blocklist test. I am wondering if this test is the one where SA will report that a domain is one of the “bad” ones that is automatically assigned points only because the TLD.

I just did a test with a domain I have with is one of the known “bad” TLDs. The mail-tester site did not report that it is a bad TLD, but I have had MiaB report the TLD as a bad TLD and assign spamscore to emails from the TLD.

I have to say, mail-tester doesn’t seem to be good at informing users of this problem.

If you read through the MiaB Setup Guide, you would have seen the following here:

  • Avoid these:
  • .at
  • .ca
  • .de
  • .gg .je .as
  • .cx
  • .is
  • .nl
  • .bid .buzz .click .date .faith .fit .fun .gdn .icu .life .online .ooo .pro .review .site .space .stream .top .work .world .xyz

I know that email from these known bad TLDs will receive bad spamscore which likely means that since your mail server domain is one of the bad ones you have will have a negative spamscore for every hosted domain on the server.

Only THESE tld’s are questionable. The ccTLD’s mentioned are not bad for the same reason, they are on the avoid list due to registry requirements that MiaB does not comply with in most cases.

This is the original formatting as rendered in my browser:

The reason why they are is I just copied and pasted the block.

I have no idea who has been doing pull requests on that part of the install guide.

When I did the last one that I did, things were better explained. I’ll see if I can’t fix that some day … if I ever figure out how to do a pull request. :frowning:

It is recently made a lot easier in the GitHub interface. You can click the little edit/pencil icon in the file for the page you wish to edit. It will then ask you, I think, if you want to fork the repository and begin to edit the file (which is how you do it). Once done, I forget how but it’s easy to submit the PR from within the same screen.

If you do it all in one single session it’s easier than if you save and come back to submit the PR. It’s not that different but a few more clicks to submit the PR.

Oh, and looking at your submissions don’t forget to change the tile to describe what you are doing in your change. Your PRs are all the default statement, which isn’t useful for our very busy maintainer.

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