Mail limit for per user

can possible i can give limit for per user in rouncube or in mail? suppose i can give perday this user wlll send 5000 mail like this

That’s a good question dewdropz,

I have started looking into that but still can’t grasp the full picture and from where to start?
This is not a solution however, these are some traces I’ve looked in to that may provide some insides:

  1. MIAB GitHub A. Quota #58, B.Quota implementation #665
  2. Dovecot A.Quota Wiki, B.QuotaConfiguration
  3. Postfix A.Performance Tuning, B.Policy servers/libraries
  4. Postfix: Limiting the rate at which a particular user can send email on Serverfault

There are different implementations but what would be the simplest one I’m still puzzled, too…


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