Mail in the box - Dedicated IPs


I have used latest MAIB in Ubuntu 22.X. The setup is working fine, and able to receive and send emails. Now I have a need to send emails from dedicated IP rather than IP of the Ubuntu Server . Is it possible in MAIB and if Yes, can it be done programmatically.

Thanks in advance.

use a vpn to connect to the machine you want, can be done programatically.

Hi… Thanks for the response… I think i did not articulate properly on the usecase…
I have a server where I have installed MaIB
I have a customer A who wants to use the MaIB but the outbound IP should be different that what the server IP where MaIB is running.
Similarly, customer B who also wants to the use same MaIB installed on the server, but send different IP.

If you want the emails to come from IP address A, you will need to have software on server A to be an “email relay”. This exists (most email servers can do relaying) but you need to have full access to server A to install and configure the relay software.

Relaying is way outside the MIAB project, so you will be on your own re configuring it, though you might be able to get help from @alento. Take great care, relay servers are one of the traditional security/spam problems - if they are not configured correctly, they very quickly become despised spam relays, and the server will be blacklisted.


Thank you… @andrew … When you say email relay… you mean relay server like “Postfix”

Postfix can do relaying. Most email server software can do it.

But the important thing is that you’d have to have that software running on server A and server B, if you want the email to come from address A and address B. And that the relay servers are set-up to only relay mail that comes from the legitimate source.

Thank you… So 1 MaIB can send emails to 2 diff relay servers based on domain of the email address?

I have to ask … why? @prabhu

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@alento - the reason is email campaign… Some customers wanted to send campaigns from different IP… this is because… if too many emails are being sent from 1 IP, there is a chance ISP would block that IP… so if customer A is sending 1 million emails and Customer B is sending 1000 emails… and if ISP blocks the IP due to surge of emails from customer A, even customer B would be impacted.

What you state is true … mostly. A basic MiaB server can handle about 2000 outbound emails an hour, so your 1 million example is a bit beyond MiaB.

Clients should be sending email campaigns using a tool such as Mailtrain or Sendy in conjunction with a bulk SMTP provider such as AWS SES, or Mailgun, etc. Email campaigns should never be sent from the main server for reasons you state, IP rep.

Thank you @alento for the response… Even if the count is less than 2000 emails per hour… the IP cannot be changed dynamically in MAIB?

The IP is not decided or changed by MIAB. It only reports to you what the External IP is. Mail servers need a static IP to receive email and function properly. If you want to send large volumes with different IP addresses, you should be using something designed for that, not a server that is relied upon for email use.

Each client should be running their own MIAB server. Trying to share one between multiple clients is just asking for headaches. They are easy to setup as VM’s on a server. I run a separate MIAB VM for each email domain.

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I’m a huge, huge fan of MIAB. Having said that? Mailcow may be a better solution for your use case based solely on the fact that you can assign relaying from within the UI on a per-domain basis.