Mail in box support

what linux distributions and versions mail in box support ?

can i use centos 6 or 7 or using ubentu Ubuntu 18.04 - Ubuntu 16.04

or it support only ubentu 14.4

Only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, currently …

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Hope this helps.

ubentu 14.4 is old most of hosting vps do not offer this system now the only one i try to use is vultr and after i finish installing i found port 25 closed even all recommended hosting in Setup guide they do not offer this version of ubentu yet if u can recommended any one that work fine now that will be great and thanks for answer

You can still get some providers that still offer Ubuntu 14.04Europe & USA phisical locations.

If you need a mail server right now and cannot wait and you need to run it on CENTOS, I’d look into It’s close to MailInABox, but uses docker instead. so it can run virtually anywhere docker can.

  • Vultr setup port 25 closed by default to avoid spammers but in the most cases they accept to unlock port 25 if you ask them through a support ticket to allow it in your account, telling them you wish to build your own personal mail server using Mail-in-a-Box solution.

virmach they do not allow mail server on their vps

for ultravps there is no answer till now

i know but 3 day till now with vultr support and i think they do not want to open port 25

Opps! Sound like a new/ recent policy as I’m admin, at least, one MiaB (Nextcloud enabled) server running with them. Thanks for reporting it here.

Here you have another provider in USA. Hope this helps.

hahah same thing they do not allow mail server

Aruba Cloud in EU.

I use them and highly recommend them.

i use it too and it work fine for os but most ips there in blacklist

Actually, let me be a bit more specific … I use Forpsicloud. Which is a subsidiary of Aruba. Aruba is where they send all the non-Czech speakers so i mentioned it.

I have had 4 separate instances of MiaB in their Czech datacenter and have never had a blacklisted IP. YMMV.

Digital Ocean allow’s mail servers and have server in US and EU.

Yes, but do they still support Ubuntu 14.04 for new deployments?

Yes! :

Nice! Digital Ocean is good, but they play political games if you host anything email for a domain that they do not like. Certainly not a provider that I can recommend for this reason.

Edited to clarify ‘anything’

If it’s just a mail server, it’s not like they actively look through your shit - As far as websites, I can’t say i’ve had issue with them on that either. That being said, as a company it is within their rights (at least here in the US) to be able to deny people from hosting illegal stuff.

I’ve used digital ocean on and off since 2012, never had issues with them (except user error of course on my part)

With that in mind, if you needed more… political freedom, DO probably is not the best host.

I agree wholeheartedly. However as an American company I would expect them to stand up for American values which include free speech. And free speech is not “illegal stuff”. So please, don’t imply that there was any ‘illegal stuff’ being hosted.

Also, this discussion has no relevance to MiaB, so if any other comments on this subject please take them to PM. My initial comment was to advise that DO is a good provider as far as working well with MiaB, however if you provide email for a domain that they do not like, then be prepared for the consequences.

If you are still seeking a vps provider, I have dealt with Amazon’s Lightsail (very good, albeit pricey), Rackspace (same as Amazon, but more cost with better support options), and where all my personal vps’s are, Linode. Linode allows pretty much anything, except any illegal stuff (piracy, restricted pornography, etc).

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