Mail-in-a-Box without ownCloud and Z-PUSH: (Only)Mail-in-a-Box

I have removed ownCloud and Z-PUSH from Mail-in-a-Box. The installation works, and everything else is obviously stable. If you’re interested, you can test this. But keep in mind: It is not stable at the moment. It is synced with the Master-Branch of Mail-in-a-Box and might be unstable. The only diffrence is, that ownCloud and Z-PUSH are not components of this Box.

This should not propagate an alternative to Mail-in-a-Box. It will always be dependent of Mail-in-a-Box.

@JoshData Could we move this repository into the Mail-in-a-Box Organisation?


Curious, what’s the intent? Isn’t it easier just to not use owncloud and z-push?

I like it: less stuff, less security issues, less problems. (I’m not using those tools, too)

Another option would be to make such components optional on setup of miab.


@elu Exactly that was my Intention. Make it as small as possible.

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How about removing Roundcube too? No more PHP.

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Hehe … That could be the next step and would recude box to an absolute Minimum. Maybe with this we could also recude the requirements to 512 MB of RAM :wink:


Hi aspdye

I would like to know if you can share with me some information about how you remove owncloud and zpush of MIAB


Like it as well, don’t use them and would like to remove round cube. Just the mailserver with spam filtering and the security stuff will do nicely.

Great. I don’t want them too. :grinning:
But the URL giving a 404