Mail-in-a-Box version v0.40 and moving to Ubuntu 18.04


Don’t forget snapshots and backups!!!


Is it easy to explain/list out the reasons for being at v0.30 regarding PHP? Is it simply an upgrade from PHP5 to 7 or much more than that?


I can only suggest to look at the change log … likely some of the other components of MiaB required PHP 7 vs PHP 5.

The project’s GitHub page may also shed some light.


Upgraded a Strato VPS:
First issue:
The same as @yonkoc

Second: I got the installer to:
Initializing system random number generator...
Creating SSH key for backup…
Firewall is active and enabled on system startup
When I got the error:
Failed to restart systemd-resolved.service: Unit systemd-resolved.service is masked.

I had to run systemctl unmask systemd-resolved.service

Now I have one rather important issue left:
Incoming Mail (SMTP/postfix) is not running (port 25).

Anyone know what to do about this? I have rebooted and rerun the install script a couple of times but it does not solve the problem. I have run ufw status but the port shows as allowed anywhere.


The encoding issue? or one of the other issues?


Yes, the encoding issue.
The first 2 issues are solved.
The third issue I do not have a solution for so far.


Did setting the locale not help?


As @alento suggested, I’m going to close this topic because it’ll be easier for everyone to help everyone if we move to separate topics for each issue. Please feel free to open a new topic if you have trouble with the uprade and the discussion can continue! (Also please check the forum for posts from others with the same problem first.)

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions for improving the upgrade instructions. I made some updates, and I will go back over the replies to see if I missed anything. And thanks to @alento for the nudge to close this topic so things would be less confusing.

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