Mail-in-a-Box Support on Sandstorm

Sandstorm is a terrific way of providing an “app-store” or one click method of installing applications on a server. There is a very good demo here:

I think Sandstorm is likely to become a very popular means of deploying applications. If Mail-in-a-Box were one of the supported applications in the Sandstorm demo, I think it would encourage people to host their own email using Mail-in-a-Box.

There is a guide for packaging and developers here:

I also think it would help Mail-in-a-Box if the licence, CC 01, were clearly visible on the Home webpage.

That’s an interesting idea.

Hi, Josh!

Thanks for developing Mail-in-a-Box.

On the link to the wiki above, there is a section on how to create an email application which runs on Sandstorm. There is an API for it: