Mail-in-a-box should probably be already v1.0

Basically MIABs versioning is still stuck on v0.XX - this is usually fine for projects under rapid development. Mail-in-a-box can hardly be called a project under rapid development:

  • It is being actively maintained for the past checks commits 8 years;
  • It has around 10k users according to this Censys query around the world (probably using it in production);
  • A new release only happens every few months, so it’s a stable product;
  • The core functionality (mail) is essentially complete, updates either patch/bump protocols/standards/configurations or add ad-hoc features (DNS, 2FA, etc.);

Bottom line, there’s absolutely no reason for MIAB to be still versioned as v0.XX - I believe it’s time to make the jump to v1.0 can give some humorful insight on this :slight_smile:


Its difficult to disagree with any of that :slight_smile:

I can remove the zero+period and we’ll just be v58, v59, v60… :slight_smile:


That’s pretty close to what Mozilla did.

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Yup, that works! My proposal of jumping to v1.XX would be to give a sense of continuity, but you have the final call on that regard :upside_down_face:

A jump from v0.54 to v55 would be hilarious! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I propose reverting back after a few versions, e.g. v0.58.
That will keep Operations attentive.

Well, looks like your wish got granted, @omni!

Yeah, we are half-way there.

When the version scheme reverts, would we qualify as time travelers?
Perhaps “time benders” would be more accurate, or more interesting.

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