Mail-in-a-box setup in Raspberry Pi


Does anyone setup mail-in-a-box in Raspberry Pi? I would like to install one. I would be glad if anyone shares any experience? Or can anyone share anyone cheap cloud hosting?

Digitalocean is fairly cheap at $5/month. I haven’t tried running on raspberry pi but I highly doubt that’ll be possible given that residential IPs usually have email ports blocked.

Yes, digitalocean is good. But do you know anything based in EU?

There is Hetzner and (scaleway)

I saw many people complaining about Scaleway in this forum. But Hetzner looks cool. Thanks.

Perhaps, Exoscale (CH)

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You would need a Ubuntu 18.04 server image on the Pi 3 B+ then download and run the installer on top of that.
Unless you have a static IP address and know what you are doing I would not recommend running this from a home network.
There is lots of Cheap hosting, I use Contabo VPS instances from €3.99 per month for 2 cores 4GB of RAM and 300GB of storage.
I am sure plenty of other people will have their own recommendations for cheap hosting.

I use ForpsiCloud’s cheap server for MiaB … ForpsiCloud is a part of Aruba Cloud and they have data centers in UK, CZ, DE, IT and PL. It is now something like EUR2,79/month.
In addition, I have also used Time4VPS (Lithuania), AlphaVPS (Bulgaria) and buyVM (in LU when available). If you go with any of these please PM me for my referral link. :slight_smile:

Mail-in-a-box requires 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended) according to docs, so the Raspberry Pi should be fine. But compared to current servers the Raspi is PAINFULLY SLOW. I got multiple at home :wink:

Furthermore running Mail-in-a-box from a residential/home connection can have multiple hurdles. Changing IP address after disconnect, potentially blocked ports from your ISP, potentially blocked IP by email services like GMail because of your residential IP. They don’t like home devices to send emails because it’s usually spam that comes from hacked systems.

The new Hetzner Cloud is pretty cheap with 1vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD for 2,96 Euro/Month, no long-term commitment. I am currently experimenting with it, but I am not finished yet.

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