Mail-in-a-Box Quotas

I know this has been discussed here plenty of times, jrsupplee even made a fork in the past for quotas. I’m really at a point where I’d really like to see this made part of MIAB mainline similar jrsupplee did back in the 18.04 LTS days (which is now outdated). Does anyone use / need a quota feature besides me? I dont have the skills to code this myself even using John’s work as a roadmap. Is anyone interested in this? Doing this? I dont even know what it would take for @JoshData to accept code merge.

I’m at a point where I’m willing to donate for this feature to be added to mainline. Not sure if this is totally appropriate Josh, hopefully you don’t get upset with me.

Perhaps a gofundme for this feature? or the project in general?

I am in favor. This will add more robustness for those who wish to be mailbox providers and are short on space. Another feature which would add more privacy to non-admin users would be a password reset on first login where a mandatory recovery email must be supplied to verify ownership of the account. I know that the secondary/recovery email and password reset was disabled from the nextcloud profile because it complicates MIAB passwords. There is another fork called Power-mailinabox by @07032024 with @jrsupplee quotas and the admin panel manual backups. It runs on Ubuntu 22

Both of those ideas are fine.

I try to accept changes that are in-scope, complete, simple to review, and don’t make running this project harder.

I think the big problem with Power to Mail-in-a-Box is basically the same problem I have with the quotas fork. Both are not well maintained. Here we have security vulnerabilities in both roundcube and postfix and as far as the quotas fork goes an outdated operating system since that fork stopped abruptly with MiaB moving to 22.04 LTS. I’m not even sure @davness is really actively maintaining his fork either. (No offense) I love what these guys are doing but for me it’s to get merged with the main project for it to be useful because at least the main project is actively maintained. Thanks @JoshData and all the other contributors. I really do love this project and like I said if donating to the feature or the project in general is an option let me know.