Mail-In-A-Box PHP Registration Script

Hello all!

Today I wrote a registration script (Because I am eventually hosting a community email and needed it so I did not have to create each email by hand) It is pretty simple, just a couple files (Mostly for the captcha lol)

Anyway let me know what you think:


Do you happen to know if MIAB’s API is restricted to local access only, or is there an auth mechanism that would allow it to be used remotely?

I’ve been wanting to do something like this with my company’s backend software, but I run it on a separate server.

The API is open to the outside, but requires the ADMIN credentials you setup when installing MIAB. :wink:

That registration script can be modified to work on LAN as well with a list of emails and a generic password to bulk create accounts. Let me know if you need help doing that.

All you really need out of the registration.php script is

the function register(), and the variable $config - then just run register("",“password”);

Awesome! Yeah, I’ll probably be building it into a custom version of my user management framework to automatically create a new email account when I create a new user.

Btw, PHP actually has a curl module, or even better, you can use Guzzle to perform the API requests!

Thanks again, this is a really exciting discovery!

I know, but at the time I just wanted something quick and dirty, and something that worked on windows with cURL installed. but thanks! Enjoy!