Mail-in-a-Box overwrites my domain name


I just followed the YouTube video instructions as shown in the homepage:

Everything installed just fine! I had my own mail control panel. The problem is that I use 2 droplets in Digital Ocean (I wanted to separate mail server from the web server)

But now when I go to it takes me to the IP of the mail-server droplet instead of web droplet (my website)

I removed all hostnames / Nameservers from GoDaddy control panel, but it still redirects to the mail server :confused:

Is there any explanation on how to create 2 separate droplets on Digital Ocean: 1 for the main web server, and separate for the mail server? I can’t access my website through the address bar anymore :confused:

**Edit: I even deleted the mail-server droplet from Digital Ocean, now my domain name won’t open at all - What is it? Did the mail server change the web server settings some how? They are separate!

Stop. MIAB is acting as your DNS now. GoDaddy does not manage your domain’s DNS any longer.

ON the MIAB control panel:

System -> Custom DNS

Make a new “A” record for “” WITHOUT A SUBDOMAIN pointing to your other droplet.

Once that is done you will need to wait at most 30 minutes for the DNS to propogate and it should now be set properly.

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Thanks, it’s working

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Same as above, but I running MIAB on my bussines server, and webpage is on a webhosting provider.
Like, webpage is on, can i make MIAB redirect to the

@borenyd You should make your own thread, but in light of that, you will need to use a CNAME record in the custom DNS page:

System -> Custom DNS

Make a new CNAME record for WITHOUT A SUBDOMAIN point to your other domain (

Note though: depending on your hosting provider’s configuration this might not work. If you need more personal assistance feel free to PM me.