mail-in-a-box open IMAP (port 143)

I need to open the IMAP port of some old clients.

I did:
service imap-login {
inet_listener imap {
port = 143
inet_listener imaps {
port = 993
ssl = yes

ufw allow 143 && sudo ufw reload

and port 143 is still closed from the outside, does anyone have any idea what to do with it?

When you run “sudo ufw status” you can see that port 143 is in the list of allowed ports? If so, then the next question would be, have you checked if dovecot has the port open?

You can see the open listen ports by running “sudo netstat -plant”.

Do you have an external firewall (external to the MIAB server)?
Maybe worth checking if you have…


I already figured it out. The problem was in the dovecot file 99-local.conf, where there is a redefinition of inet_listener imap with binding only to local ip …, just cancel the binding to a specific IP address.