Mail-in-a-Box on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

When will be possible to install Mailinabox on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?




Mail-in-a-Box is planned to be released for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS next. If past history is any guide, it will likely be released in late 2022, a few months before the EoL date of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in April 2023.


Thank you for your answer.

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Just wanted to say that I think realistically this makes sense.

The point of using LTS releases is to take advantage of getting updates for as long as possible before being absolutely forced to move when updates stop. The point shouldn’t be to move on to the next LTS as soon as possible.

I’m not pointing fingers or anything, just expressing my support for this approach. I’d rather not have to bother myself with updating my mailbox every time a new LTS comes out. And I’m also conscious that maintaining 18.04 AND 20.04 side by side would take effort that would be essentially wasted.


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