Mail in a box, not in a docker container

I’ve read much about how MIAB needs its own clean environment. I’ve also read that, for some reasons (unknown at my level of ignorance) MIAB hasn’t / can’t be containerised.

Acepting the above to be the current reality, can anyone help me to understand if I should be able to use my VPS to containerise my web server and run that alongside a standard MIAB installation?

FWIW my VPS is a 6vCPU 24GB instance with 240GB of nvme (ssdnodes in my case) I can spin up Ubuntu 18.04 with which to install MIAB then run a dockerised web server on debian or centos…

I’d welcome any thoughts on this.


MiaB uses ports 80 and 443 for webmail and the admin pages.
A web server uses ports 80 and 443 to serve web pages.

Multiple services cannot use the same ports.

This is the short simple explanation. :slight_smile:

If the VPS has two IP addresses, I’m assuming that one can be assigned to MIAB and the other to the web server?

Alternatively, can I assign different port numbers to MIAB and leave 80 and 443 to the web server?

Depends on what you call containerized. I have been using mail in a box inside a LXD container for a while now.

No, but you could do it the other way around if you use Nginx as a reverse proxy.

But that will be an exercise in frustration as your nginx server blocks will be overwritten often by MiaB … as what you want to do is an unsupported modification.