Mail-in-a-Box & NextCloud

I installed Mail-in-a-Box, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover NextCloud on the rebound, since it is installed automatically in this distro. I had no idea of its existence.
In the administration part, it recommends that I migrate the database from SQLite to MySQL, the instructions even come, but as I said, since it installs automatically, I have no idea what username and password it uses during the installation to be able to do the migration, since which gives me an error because I don’t know the current username and password.
I have searched everywhere and can’t find an answer to my question.
Can someone help me?
Many thanks in advance!

I think I actually understand what your trying to do here.

You want to upgrade Nextcloud outside of the “MAIL IN A BOX” system architecture.

That is not advisable. It will actually break functinality in MIAB (Calendars and Contact Info) CardDav/CalDav.

NextCloud uses SQLite because so does MIAB for user authentication and keeping that in sync.

Upgrading nextcloud will break functionality in other places.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

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