Mail in a box is broken

Hi everyone!

Something happend here and I have:

  1. mailinabox file empty

  2. /mail apears: “File not found.”

  3. When I try to reinstall using curl:

    sudo: unable to resolve host ip-172-30-0-148
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “setup/”, line 216, in
    File “setup/”, line 156, in run_migrations
    migration_id_file = os.path.join(env[‘STORAGE_ROOT’], ‘mailinabox.version’)
    KeyError: ‘STORAGE_ROOT’

  4. /admin with 500 Internal Server Error

Could you help me?

Best regards,

That sounds like your disk is full. If you type ‘df’ from your server’s command line, that may show your / disk as having 0 available.