Mail-in-a-Box integration with Webmin using Ubuntu Server

Hello. First of all. I bought a domain from my ISP which is and pointed it at my Ubuntu Server 16.04 with the a Private IP of using Webmin and tried installing Mail-in-a-Box for my mail server but it said I need to have Ubuntu Server 14.04.

So I formatted my 2nd server (Ubuntu Server 14.04) which is the Mail-in-a-Box server and after I installed Mail-in-a-Box and tried to access the control panel which is, it says connection refused.

I’m slightly confused about where to point/put the nameserver thingy which is to my Webmin DNS configuration. Thank you guys

Did I do anything wrong? I followed these two guides which is Site 1 and Site 2

First, I don’t understand your domain “” I’m no expert on domain registration but maybe you mean “”?

I’ve never used Webmin. For the ns1/[com, net, etc.] you need to first create ‘glue’ records at your registry. Sometimes they hide the place to put this… calling “create DNS” instead of “glue.” After you have created those (with your IP as the setup guide shows you) you then pop those two ns1/[com,net,etc] into the ‘normal’ Nameserver area, just as you might do if you were going to host a website somewhere.

This is not a WebMin function. The above is done at your registry (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.)