Mail-in-a-Box installation on Openshift Linux


I would like to install Mail-in-a-Box on my Openshift Linux server.

Kindly help me with the pre-requisites and installation process.

Only ubuntu 14.04 is supported right now.

Openshift has Linux ubuntu 14.04, I suppose.

I think you are fundamentally misunderstanding what Openshift is; it is a PaaS platform for utilising containers (Docker), as it clearly states on its page. Openstack on the other hand would allow you to utilise a Ubuntu 14.04 in a KVM instance irrespective of the underlying operating system.

Not all PaaS software does the same thing.

Could you please help me install this in Openshift?

No, OpenShift (and Docker) can’t run Mail-in-a-Box. You can read more here:

Then is there any other alternative for Openshift which can help me with SMTP and IMAP?

I do not need e-mail client, can configure it with MS Outlook. I even tried Dovecot but was not successful at it.

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