Mail-in-a-box in librerouter

Hello Guys,

A little bit about librerouter
It’s a unique combination of open source hardware, GNU software controlled and monitors by Open Source community. With minimal training and simple documentation you can achieve a decrease of the cyber risks as, mentioned earlier. It’s a solution to bypass censorship, spy agencies, anti net neutrality internet providers, and government control. It’s really very easy to use for all people with little or no computers and networking knowledge. This is simple Plug and play system to make your traffic untraceable and secure. It is the future Data Center resilience infrastructure.

Please check our github to get more info.

At this point we are in need to install mail-in-a-box in our librerouter (running on debian 8). So, guys with appropriate technical knowledge are invited to join our team and help us with our project.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us by email and leave a comment if have a question.

Thank you,

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