Mail-in-a-Box in a Lab enviornment?

We are developing a software product, and as part of our nightly builds we want to have it test it against a mail server.

Our lab environment is blocked for all outbound traffic except for HTTP/HTTPS, which means testing against our corporate email server is not possible. Enter MIAB.

Does MIAB support both unencrypted, and encrypted email? I see from the homepage it supports opportunistic encryption (I"m assuming by using STARTTLS), but what I was looking for was if implicit SSL/TLS encrypted SMTP uses port 465 is supported?

It’s not — that method of submitting email has long been deprecated. But Mail-in-a-Box is open source so of course you could make a few modifications on your own to turn port 465 on.

Do you need a whole suite though just to test? You could setup Postfix (Linux SMTP server) in about 30 seconds (give or take) for secure email transmission for testing.

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