Mail In a box Home setup using DDNS

Hello. Is it possible to setup MIAB on a server at home behind a router using DDNS. If so what is the entry in the hosts file…normally it would be something like this

what would it be for DDNS. Also is there anything else to be aware of to get it running smoothly. Thanks

Do you intend to SEND email from your home set up, or ONLY receive?

If you plan to send mail, stop there - it will not work with any amount of reliability.

If you are still reading, you will need to use external DNS - how you will convey the IP address from dDNS to your DNS provider is unknown to me.

So, my suggestion is to not even try this. The only situation where you COULD possibly make this work would be if your provider does all of the following - which most will not do for residential customers.

  1. Give you a Static IP
  2. Provide reverse DNS for the IP
  3. Allow common mail ports to be opened

Otherwise you are very unlikely to be successful.

I’m too new at MIAB to know much, but I saw this info that might be helpful: