Mail-in-a-box gophish configuration

hello, I have correctly installed mailinabox on an Azure VM, and I am trying to integrate gophish for a corporate POC.

I correctly installed gophish under /opt following the basic gophish installation.

I based myself on: Sample gophish config for use with mail-in-a-box · GitHub

→ to take the ssl certificate.

However, when I try to access the page under port: 3333 for gophish, I get the error “This site can’t be reached”
( the port is correctly open in Azure)

Has anyone ever been in this situation?
I don’t really understand where the problem comes from.

mail-in-a-box blocks a dynamic page? I lack knowledge with mail-in-a-box.

I successfully modified the cover page under /home/user-data/www/default

should I install gophish there?

Thanks in advance !

Mailinabox also deploys ufw as firewall. Did you open the port there as well?

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