Mail in a box and other services (Docker)

is it possible to run other services like teamspeak or for example a minecraft server next to mail in a box on the same server or are there any concerns i should consider?


MIAB is designed to run on its own dedicated server. I believe that upgrading MIAB will cause problems with your other services in the future.

I’m not an expert on this, I remember reading that MIAB should be used on a dedicated server for that use.

I would recommend keeping your mail server separate from everything else.

couldn’t i for example install Docker and run MIAP in a Dock ?

I’m really sorry I wouldn’t know as I’ve not personally tried that. I’m sure if someone else has tried this they’ll post and let you know.

I’ve copied this text from the setup guide: Can I modify my box after / use my box for something else too? (Advanced.)No. Mail-in-a-Box must be installed on a fresh machine that will be dedicated to Mail-in-a-Box, and you cannot modify the box after installation (configuration changes will get overwritten by the box.

Running MIAB in docker was tried on a few GitHub PR. It isn’t supported. It also isn’t supported to run services along side. It might work though, that is something you would have to try.

thx for your reply, I found some projects on GitHub if someone wants some more information: mailinabox-docker

that looks kind of outdated : /

Hi there i recently just installed teamspeak 3 server alongside miab, i first created a user
adduser --disabled-login teamspeak then opened ports 9987, 10011
also ive had quassel core (irc bouncer) running alongside for 2 mnths now with no issues
so if i do run into any issues with the ts then il post here but all is good so far,
teamspeak and irc bouncer are completely un obtrusive applications all seld contained to there dirs so i dont expect any issues