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I have reviewed this forum and I see that my topic is very popular. My email domain is and I don’t know what to look for, let alone fix…I can send and receive to the account. I did the whole postmaster tools from Google and that provided no input. Can you help a newbie troubleshoot this? I love the service but find it useless under its current config.

The problem lies within Gmail … they do not want your mail, until you can prove to them that your server is a trustworthy sender.

Send mail to Gmail accounts, have the recipients mark them as not spam. In a month or so Gmail will stop sending everything to spam.

One immediate solution is to pay for a SMTP relay service. Sadly they are expensive. The free plans do not work as they attract spammers, so are useless as their IP reputations are bad.

To address this issue, I have created a commercial SMTP relay that is both inexpensive and works! I am not planning to offer it quite yet, though I do have a few fellow MiaB users using it.

It will take longer to build reputation since it looks like you aren’t using the external DNS records as recommended in the MiaB interface (DMARC, DKIM records are missing). If AWS permits glue records, that may be a better option for you.

I have no direct experience using AWS, but over the years I have read reports that their IP addresses can take a while.

Also, take a look at the email header and log files to see if Google is giving you any clues.

What am I missing for the DNS Records?

An A record for … which is irrelevant for this discussion, but it is still missing.

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