Mail forwarding

I want user to receive a copy of emails that user is receiving.
How do I enable this email forwarding? I tried the alias function but that way only got the emails that were sent to I want to receive the emails and to get a copy of them.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

You can try creating some mail filter rules inside the webmail (Roundcube) under Settings.

Hi Josh, is that the only way to achieve this, through mail filter rules?
Because I wanted to create this forwarding without the user being able to remove it, since they will be able to login and remove the filter rules through webmail.


You could also make an alias too, and then forward to two accounts.

I just tried that and it worked, thanks :smiley:.
So it wont be a problem to use as an email account and at the same time using it as an alias to forward to and at the same time?

This is how the settings looks like:

Oh I don’t know about that. I wouldn’t do that. Make the user account something else.

You think by using as an email account and as an alias at the same time would be a problem?

Making a different user account for to say would lead us to a new problem. When that user sends an email from his account then that would be his “sent from” email. And when the receiver respons to an email sent from it will not be sent to Maybe by changing the From adress in the webmail (newer version of roundcube allow this) on to would fix this problem but I don’t know how good it is to send emails from an alias.

Are there any other ways to achieve this type of forwarding that I’m asking for?

Not necessarily. I think all versions of Roudcube allow that. IMAP login usernames normally aren’t related to email addresses.

Are there any other ways to achieve this type of forwarding that I’m asking for?

That’s it.

Ok thanks.

What is wrong doing the forwarding like this?

From a programmer point of view, I think it could lead to an infinite loop ! I don’t think it can work.

Ok thanks for the reply.

Can anyone please tell me what the best way would be to achieve this kind of forwarding?
I want to forward all mail that gets to and at the same time keep a copy of the mail in the inbox of without having to setup anything on the webmail settings for the user like rules etc. Since these rules and settings can be altered by the user in the webmail interface. I want this to be a backend solution where the user can’t turn off this forwarding.

Thanks in advance

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With the current mailinabox setup, I think the only two options are what Josh laid out.

Option 1) Create a@ as the alias and a1@ for the login. Then in Thunderbird or RoundCube you could have user a1@ send as a@. In roundcube it is in settings>>identities.
Option 2) Use the RoundCube filters to forward email, but that doesnt resolve your issue of the end user not having access.

I would think option 1 would accomplish what you want.

I feel that there must be some other way to do this.
I found this guide:
but I don’t know if this guide is valid for the Mail in a Box solution.

What do you guys think?

I’m trying to do the exact same thing here, since people requested this feature more than two years ago, is there any way now to achieve this ?

I think the instructions may be a bit outdated.

Steps to forward all emails to other mailbox.

  1. Log into RoundCube (webmail) interface.
  2. Click on “Settings” in top-right corner.
  3. Choose Filters from the menu on the left
  4. Under Filter Sets, click on “+” sign in bottom-left corner for “New filters set”.
    1. Name your filter set.
  5. Then under “Filters", click on “+” sign in bottom-left corner for “Filter definition”
  6. Name your filter
  7. Select “All messages”. You can try other options here as well.
  8. Then under “Filter Actions”, select “Send a copy to” from dropdown menu. It will show a text-input field on right. Just enter destination email address where you want incoming emails to be forwarded.
  9. Finally, click “Save” button.
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I am trying to set up email forwarding from my roundcube email to a new gmail account. The instructions to do so are again outdated as there is no longer a ‘filter’ tab in personal settings. Does anyone know how to achieve this basic forwarding? Help would be very much appreciated

It’s still there:

Do Roundcube filters like this work even when you don’t usually use Roundmail to check your email (i.e. will it act on the mailbox such that IMAP clients see the changes)?

The Roundcube filters are dovecot-sieve, so they are applied when not logged into Roundcube.

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