Mail delivered to Gmail and Yahoo, but not to a private server

Hi all,

I set up MiaB, and now I’m sending test messages to check if any is marked as spam.
But I’m getting an error for which I don’t know the cause.

I tried sending mail from code, using , using the sample code provided, and also from RoundCube.
In both cases, the mail sent to Gmail and Yahoo addresses arrives as expected, but the one sent to my private server doesn’t.
The error message I’m getting is:

The mail system
< >: host[] said: 550 You must log in
to send mail from (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

This is a private server I’m using for other projects, which uses Citadel Groupware for mail. Both Gmail and Yahoo send emails to that server without issues.

So, any idea what’s going on?
Thank you.


I’m not sure, but I assume is your mail in a box system. and is the citadel system. I think the last one contains the domain name for mail and only accepts email from globco when logged in.

The solution could be:

Maybe, I’m wrong, but keep your response posted.


I forgot that I had set up the other server to receive mail for this domain. It was a year ago, so it slipped my mind.

Thank you for your help.
Best Regards

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