MaiB PDF Manual?

Is there a PDF manual for MaiB?

Trying to find out how to fix this on the Status page:

Web has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record.

A redirect from ‘www.xxxxxxx.yyy’ has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record on the www subdomain.

MaiB server is running fine, but the above questions come up.



No there is no pdf version of the setup guide available that I am aware of.

The warning that you are seeing is due to the fact that you have set a custom A record which is likely because you have a website being served elsewhere. It is a perfectly normal thing to see.

Keep in mind that MiaB was created with the intention of being able to host a simple static webpage on the same server. This message is informing you that the webpage is NOT being hosted on this server.

Not serving any other web sites.

I do have custom DNS set, because I am new at this and assumed I had to for webmail to work.

Welcome to Mail-in-a-Box!

No, there is no requirement to set custom DNS for anything. MiaB works straight out of the box assuming that you are using it to handle its own DNS by setting the required glue records at your domain registrar.

I find the easiest way to manage this is to have separate servers for web and mail, and a dedicated mail domain, which is the only domain I host on the mail server.

For me the perfect set up is to have a domain dedicated to hosting the mail server. Of course, I host my normal domain’s email on the MiaB install but use external DNS for it. MiaB in the end only controls DNS for the domain dedicated to hosting the mail server. This mostly eliminates MiaB from being a potential single point of failure. But, this discussion is leading off topic. :frowning:

In MaiB Custom DNS I have A and AAAA records set for

And an MX record for
10 box.domain.tld.

What do I need to change or remove?

Other than the last two items in the Status page everything is working fine.



I went to one of my test boxes and added the same Custom DNS records … and came up with the same results. Interestingly though Custom DNS balked at adding the record for box.domain.tld.

I would remove all of the custom DNS records you have listed as none of them are required. or not … Removing them will clear up the automatically generated Status page messages that you are seeing, but as I mentioned earlier they are not hurting anything. They just aren’t ‘right’ as they are not needed.

I am sorry, my ignorance is showing.

The only DNS settings at NameCheap are glue records and references to and

The MiaB Custom DNS settings aren’t necessary?

There is something I am missing.

Thank you for your patience.


Correct. They are only set if you have webpages hosted on a different server. If you are hosting a static web page within MiaB there is no need to set it as it is automatic.

To be clear, I am referring to the System>Custom DNS page within the admin area at https://box.domain.tld/admin

OK. I have two VPS running with MiaB, one is at 0.30 and the other at 0.40.

Since the first is going away in several weeks, I’ll test dropping the entries there.

Do I also drop the MX record?

If it is the MX record for the domain your boxes host is on, yes. I wasn’t aware that you were running two boxes concurrently … same issue on the 0.30 with the status page? or is that something that appeared in 0.40?

Same issue on both.

So you are saying if I have glue records at NameCheap and all I am running is MaiB, I don’t need any Custom DNS records set up on the MiaB server.

I pulled the domain.tld and www.doman.tld records and the question marks went away.

That is exactly correct as long as you are not running any other servers hosting anything for this specific domain. So … the simple answer is yes.

So just having and automagically supplies all the records needed.

I was over thinking the problem. Not the first time, and it won’t be the last.

Thanks for your help.


Well to be technical … the creator and contributors to this project have done a remarkable job at making it super simple for anyone to set this up. For the most part it is all very straight forward. The glue records of and at the domain registrar tell the world where to look for everything needed. It is all there because the ones behind this project made it so. :slight_smile:

I removed all of the records I had added as noted above, on 0.30.

All check marks for now.

Thanks again.


One final note for the record…

Removing the DNS records from Custom DNS caused the SSL/TLS certificates to need to be provisioned again.

Once that was done, all check marks.


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