MAIB + Handshake (HNS)

Hi all.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you Handshake.
In a nutshell, HNS is a blockchain for DNS.
That means you can have yourname as a TLD.

My goal is have a MIAB serving multiples HNS domains.

First block: I can’t use an HNS domain for installing it. I didn’t try to go around. I just ignored the problem by installing it under a regular domain. My hope is to be able to add extra users like user@handshake-domain.

Of course, MIAB didn’t allow me to add user@example, and complained it was an invalid email.
I just commented out part of the validation. From now one, I need to be careful when adding emails.
Without this validation I could move forward a bit. Now I can add users using HNS domain names.
I can even see DNS settings for the HNS domain names. :smiley:

So, I went to my HNS name server and add all those DNS entries.

Next, I tried to login on the webmail. It worked. +1
But I can’t send emails. It complains saying the recipient is not valid. -1
If I try to send from a HNS domain to a regular email it also fails. -2

SMTP Error (504): Failed to add recipient "" (5.5.2 <mail@example>: Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address).

In this moment I decided to share my progress so far.
Comments? Suggestions?
Did you know about Handshake? (side subject)

So, is this a limitation on roundcube? Should I look for help over their github? Or is this a setting/config from MIAB?

Ok, I managed to trick the email validation on client side (roundcubemail).

Now it fails with that SMTP Error (504).

Any idea how to workaround?

Update: I managed to bypass the last error (sender…) by removing the reject_non_fqdn_sender.

One step closer.

why bother with blockchain when there is classic free DNS out side of ICANN ?

what do we get for all the extra troubles what we do net get from NON-ICANN-DNS ?

I suspect, we get very little. :hot_face:

Does Handshake allow to receive and use something closer to FQDN?

You’ll face many issues with non-FQDN address. There’s working email server on ai domain (yes, just ai, http://ai/, and the owner of ai zone have issues sending and receiving emails from the root zone, and also face issues in email software.

Also, feel free to check NameCoin and EmerDNS if you’re interested in blockchain domains. These projects are long-established and provide FQDN-like zones.

just use a NON – ICANN capable nameserver

and you will be fine with those websites.

no need for blockchain complications to the power of ten. :bamboo: