Looking to hire a developer

Hey - we are a small business that wants to setup our own email server. Mail in a box seems like it could be the way for us to do this.

We don’t have the technical expertise to do this, and are looking to hire someone. Please send me a DM or leave your email on here and I’ll be in touch to discuss more.


Please don’t do this. Mailservers require care and feeding - it’s not a RonCo type of set-it-and-forget-it.

You’re much better off spending your money on services like Google for your business, or o365. If you want technical support, hire an IT support firm who can provide part-time support.

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Sorry if it wasn’t clear, we are also in the market for maintenance here, not just setup.

Calling @alento :wink:, I think he has connections with https://anydomain.net/

You rang? Thanks for the mention Jan.

@BERL I can assist you. I will send you a DM with my contact information.

Hi Bertrams,
I have in the past helped setup and maintain Mail in a box for other clients.
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Nice mail in a box deployment you have there :yum:


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