Log in to roundcube and nextcloud on one log in page

Is it possible to log in to both roundcube and nextcloud with only one log in? It is pretty tedious to have to type in the full username@domainname.com and reallyLONGand$ecureP455word twice every time I want to log in to roundcube and nextcloud.

I was thinking it might be possible to code another log in page which asked for the username/password, it would then POST these to each log in page and if both logins were successful to redirect the user to either roundcube or nextcloud.

No it is not currently possible, however with https://discourse.mailinabox.email/t/howto-unsupported-rainloop-in-nextcloud-miab-v0-26-only you can use rainloop instead.

I have tried rainloop but prefer roundcube.

You said it is not currently possible. Does that mean someone is working on it? Can you help implement it?

I have coded a simple HTML page but simple POSTing the username and password does not seem to work, there seems to be something else needed.

I don’t believe anyone is working on it. And no I cannot unfortunately. If you really need this I would recommend putting a bounty on https://www.bountysource.com/ or maybe hire someone to make you a custom nextcloud plugin.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

I will keep trying myself and hope someone else has some insight into how roundcube and nextcloud log in.

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If you are familiar with PHP, maybe you could right a plugin for nextcloud instead?

To be able to write a plugin I need to know more about how they log in - there seems to be some sort of magic hidden variable. All I want to do is to be able to log in to both services at once, this shouldn’t require a nextcloud plugin.

I am assuming when you log in to each service (roundcube and nextcloud) they both set cookies in your browser. My proposal was to get javascript to log in using promises (so that the cookies are set) and then redirect to one of the services. I cannot see why this wouldn’t work, I just can’t get it to work.

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