Local backup to attached drive

Hi there,

I’m after advice from the forum.

I have added another drive which I’m planning to use for redundancy in backing up my mailinabox machine.

Options currently considering

  1. Keep back up where it is and run a scheduled copying of the backup folder to the external drive - has the advantage of two copies.

  2. Create a symlink of the backup folder to the new drive.

  3. Mount the external drive in the backup folder.

Thoughts and any other suggestions?

If you want redundancy, option 1 is the only one that will provide it.

A cron job ran just after the daily maintenance should work nicely.

However, if it were me, the additional drive would be attached to a different server hosted by a different provider in a different data center. Then you’ll have true redundancy, for if something happens to the VM it could quite well take out the backup as well unless it is hosted completely separate.